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Friday, May 7, 2010

Not Suitable for Family Viewing by Vicki Grant

Title: Not Suitable for Family Viewing
Author: Vicki Grant
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 289
My Rating: 5/5

Robin is filthy rich because her mother, Mimi Schwartz, is a big-time TV host. One would expect her to be popular and surrounded by famous people. Instead, she coops up in her room and watches the re-runs of her mother's show episodes without giving a care in the world.

When she finds an old picture of her mother, she decides that she will go off to discover who Mimi really is. Packing her bags to leave New York City, she lands in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. As she tries search for her mother's real identity, Robin unexpectedly runs into romance and the buried secrets that made Mimi a celebrity today!

Vicki Grant is a favourite Canadian author of mine. I absolutely love her novel for preteens, Quid Quo Pro, which is full of delightful humour that kids and adults can both enjoy! Most of her novels, however, are for reluctant readers, which are all quite short and simple. So when I saw Not Suitable for Family Viewing, I had to get it!

Compared to Quid Quo Pro, there was not a load of in-your-face humour. Instead, the funny stuff were done subtly. I love the atmosphere of this novel as it is very contemporary.

I pitied Robin in the beginning and there were a couple of times where she lightly touched my nerves, but overall I loved her as a character. She is very realistic and I liked how instead being the type of person who uses her mother's fame to her advantage, she is very withdrawn and knows that those who befriends her uses her. Her relationship with pretty much her only friend, Selena, is quite tight. Although Selena acts like she doesn't care, she comes around in the end to aid an old friend.

I found Robin's time in Nova Scotia to be very charming and new. Her first meeting with her boyfriend-to-be, Levi, was absolutely hilarious! Their relationship is absolutely adorable and not overexaggerated. It was nice for once to see that a novel was not wholeheartedly based on the romance because the main story was trying to find out who Robin's mother really is.

Not Suitable for Family Viewing is such a page turner, where contemporary book fans will devour it in an instant! The ending will take readers by surprise and glee for that it is done amazingly well with uniqueness and love. A recommendation for all girl readers and realism fans! Preview the novel here!

Review copy provided by HarperCollins Canada.

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Anonymous said...

Yay I was so excited to see your review for this one. :) I've been wanting to know what people thought about this book ever since I saw it in your mailbox post a while back. I shall be bumping this one up on my list. Thanks for the review! :D

celi.a said...

I've just devoured some Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti - and I'm in the mood for more. This sounds like it might fit the same 'genre.' Great review and recommendation!

Book Crazy Jenn said...

One I have not heard of before - but it sounds really delightful - off to add it to my wish list! :) Thank you for the review!

Diana Dang said...

@Michelle: Haha, I actually chose to read it out of the bunch I got from HarperCollins first because you wanted to see a review of it!

Hope you guys enjoy if you pick it up!

Thao said...

I've never heard of this book, how slow I am ; ( Anyway that sounds like a great story. I'll be sure to check it out ^^

Krista/Tower of Books said...

I haven't heard of this book, but from your review and the summary, it looks great. :) I also love the title.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, it sounds like a charming read. I love the unique story premise. :D Great review, I'll definitely be adding this to my TBR list~

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm in grade nine and i was assigned this for my summer reading i enjoyed the book but the first 50 pages were annoying as well as boring but its worth the wait and i recommend it

Anonymous said...

i love this book!!!! it was amazing with roamnce twisted with mystery of her mother's past. i love the part where she met levi it made me laugh to and to think she'll be in a relationship with him!!!! i had to read this book for a progaram thing and i say this is the best yet!!!