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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Death Mill Mansion: A Lighthearted Comedy by Will Hartzell-Baird

Title: Death Mill Mansion: A Lighthearted Comedy
Author: Will Hartzell-Baird
Age Group: Older Teens
# of Pages: 396
My Rating: 5/5

In stories, there is that one mansion that sits up on that secluded hill where there is no civilization in sight. And sometimes, innocent passers may end up knocking on the door of that mansion; be it that they are lost or their car broke down conveniently in front of the place.

Robbie is part of this unfortunate population who ends up having to go up to this mansion when his car mysteriously stopped working. Once he steps into the residence, there is no leaving.

Stuck in this strange residence, Robbie encounters the weirdest creatures that cease to exist only within these walls and others who were unable to leave. Trying to survive unimaginable horrors, Robbie must beat the unbeatable before it is the end of him.

If I am supposedly stuck on an island with only one book to read over and over again, Death Mill Mansion: A Lighthearted Comedy would be it! I have read many, many 5/5 novels but very rare do I re-read them again. I know for sure that I will re-read this one over and over again throughout my life because it simply had that impact on me!

Hartzell-Baird is someone, I'm sure, who would like to be called "the funny smart guy". And if anything, he is one of the best comedic storytellers ever! The world he created, the characters, the situations, the obvious cliches that is not so obvious are all so different and enthralling compared to most novels today. I have absolutely no complaints about this novel except that it had to end!

Yes, you may see that the cover is quite deceiving. Since it made me judge the book, I held off reading it for awhile. This sorts of disappoint me because I know many would pass off this amazing book by the glance of the cover. In the end after reading it though, I think the cover is quite fitting for the novel because it is so unexpected!

So how amazing is this novel I am gushing about, may you ask? Well, one reviewer said (I can not find the review anymore for some reason) that she was hooked onto the book until she had to go into labour! Yes, it's that intense!

If you are interested in an "out-of-the-world experience" with dark humour and awesome footnotes, pick up Death Mill Mansion: A Lighthearted Comedy today at Amazon! (Sadly, you can't get it anywhere else because it is self-published, I believe).

Review copy provided by Will Hartzell-Baird.

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