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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Title: Perfect Chemistry
Author: Simone Elkeles
Age Group: Older Teens
# of Pages: 357
My Rating: 5/5

Brittany Ellis is your perfect beauty queen. She has everything, from popularity to a great boyfriend. But at home, her life is not as beautiful as she makes it seem. Her older sister, Shelley, has multiple-sclerosis and has Brittany taking care of her with all of her might. Trying to keep up her image, Brittany holds everyone at a distance to make sure no one finds out the truth.

Alejandro (Alex) Fuentes lives on the other side of town. Part of the Latino Blood, he and his gang are feared throughout Fairfield High School. He's not afraid of anyone and will put up a good fight if he has to. He may be a gang member, but by being one he is able to protect his family from harm.

When Brittany and Alex have to pair up for chemistry, the two polar opposite personalities collide at full force. Their dislike for each other is intense, but then over time, events occur that make them re-evaluate their feelings.

I will outright admit this got to be one of the cheesiest YA novels I have read in awhile. It put cheese in the cheesiness. Except, Simone Elkeles made it one hell of an addicting read.

As stated in the title, they definitely have great chemistry together. I always liked the plot where the characters outright disliked each other in the beginning but end up falling for each other later on. Surprisingly, I do not see this so often in YA fiction (recommend me any good titles?) as I do in mangas. I was glad that they both grew up over time and that the events occurred played out very well in order for them to build their relationship.

What annoyed me a bit sometimes were Alex's descriptions of Brittany's flawless beauty. I understood that she was a very pretty girl but it felt a bit overdone in the novel. Thinking how both of them are extremely attractive on the outside but with some personal flaws does scratch my skin a bit because I have seen this everywhere now in YA books. However, the plot itself and the interactions between the the characters had me swallow the story whole because it was like a delicious treat that I couldn't help but feel a little guilty and satisfied at the same time afterwards.

I am curious how Rules of Attraction will turn out for me since it will be based on Alex's younger brother, Carlos. I am afraid it will follow the same plot line as Perfect Chemistry and I don't want that. Any opinions for those who have read both?

I recommend Perfect Chemistry to all romance fans for sure! Pick your copy up today!

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celi.a said...

I loved this novel. My only 'complaint' was that it wasn't long enough. I wanted even more! But I agree with you - I don't know how I'll feel about the next book. I liked the formula the first time around, at least. Just need to read it, I guess!

Nice review.

Yan said...

ahhhh!! :D now you need to read the second so I won't look so crazy lol

Anonymous said...

I loved this one and am working on reading Rules Of Attraction right now. I still really like it( the plot is quite similar) but I don't like it as much as Perfect Chemistry. I find that there isn't enough going on with Kiara. (the love interest)With Brittany, I felt as if she had her own set of problems to accompany Alex's while Kiara's problems mostly surround Carlos etc.

MissAttitude said...

I'm with Michelle, I love Perfect Chemistry and I didn't love Rules of Attraction as much. Same great dialogue and well developed characters, but the storyline seemed too similar. Alex is my favorite of the 3 brother so far :)

I'm looking forward to the 3rd actually becuase Luis is the nice boy who falls in love with a bad girl, something different!

Morgan said...

I loved this one! It was so cute-great review. You're making me want to reread it!

Thao said...

I love this book and I'm looking forward to the sequel as well.

wdebo said...

Yeah! So glad you enjoyed it! I agree it was very chessy but way over addicting :)