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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Author Interview: Will Hartzell-Baird

Will Hartzell-Baird is the author of the delightfully hilarious adult novel, Death Mill: A Lighthearted Comedy. I highly recommend the novel for those who want some awesome comedy and supernatural. You can see my review of it here.

If you would like to learn more about the author or his novel, check out at:

Firstly, what inspired you to write Death Mill Mansion: A Lighthearted Comedy?

It was actually a novelization of that movie “Twilight.” Then, when I realized that the movie was already based on a novel, I replaced all the angsty parts with lizards and robots.

There are many characters and many events that occurred throughout the novel. With so many, which character and scene/event would be your favourite?

The Sliv lizards. And, since the Slivs are the very first thing to occur in the book, it’s obvious that I haven’t read the whole thing.

If Death Mill Mansion: A Lighthearted Comedy was a show, which actors and actresses would you like to play your characters?

It would be a one man show, starring William Shatner, with the small exception of the voice of Pearl, which would be portrayed by Alec Baldwin. I would also have Woody Allen standing awkwardly in the background, complaining about the dialogue.

How long do you think you will survive in the mansion? And if you were to die, how would you die?

Through a mix of boldness and cunning, I would manage to survive the first 300 pages, but would ultimately be brought down by a severe upper respiratory infection while posing dramatically on the front porch and loudly yelling, “I’ve made it! What could possibly go wrong now?”

What do you find is the hardest aspect in writing? And the easiest?

The easiest part is the spaces. The hardest part is the words. Especially the word “Pearl.” I kept typing “Peral.” I’ve done that four times in this interview already, and I’ve only said her name twice. Typing “Robbie” was pretty easy, though.

Do you have any novels you are working on at the moment or will be releasing soon? If so, can you please give us a brief summary about them?

I recently finished the first draft of my second novel. I’m a little hazy on the details so far, but the main character’s name is “Wesley.”

Lastly, please give us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know of!

Shadow puppet ninja. I won’t bore you with the details.

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