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Friday, August 6, 2010

LM Preston: My post-high school

LM Preston, Author of the Explorer X series and The Pack


My senior year ended with a bag. Several things went wrong and quite a few went right. I was supposed to go to Penn State University. But, crap happens. My plans for packing up and going to live on miles away from home were cut short due to a family catastrophe.
With that catastrophe I had to grow up pretty fast. Let’s face it, as a product of a teen mom – I was used to it. I’d always thought about life by planning a plan A, B and C. At that point I had to do the below. Most high school graduates find themselves having to make similar choices.


Luckily at the time, Washington DC had a program for graduating seniors where they spent 4 weeks training you in job skills – and guess what else? They gave you a job afterwards and they paid you while you went. During that time I went to resume writing workshops, learned clerical job skills and took on my first student ‘stay in school job’. I was able to work 20hrs a week with pay at the end of the program. In addition I worked at a local drugstore in order to save money for Community College and pay rent in the room I was renting from a friend.


At the time, since I had limited funds and didn’t know how to apply for scholarships or financial aid, I just applied to Community College. I took 5 classes while working my two part-time jobs. My other friends were at four-year colleges, partying it up and wasting their parents money. But for me, this was serious business. School, a degree, was a way for me to survive in the future and get out of the rooming house I lived in.

By chance I met another college student who asked me why I didn’t have a scholarship (my grades were a 4.0) and I told her I didn’t know how to apply or find them. She sat me down and taught me. She didn’t realize that she was my angel. After that, it was on to a 4-year university where I lived on campus and of course – still worked 2 part-time jobs. Why? Because I needed money to survive and I didn’t have a mom or dad to give it to me. I didn't stop there, I pursued my Master's degree and made sure it was a specialty that I would be able to make enough to take care of myself.


Yeah, post High School was a struggle for me – but, I wouldn’t change it for a moment. Why? Because I grew up, learned to take care of myself, realized that partying, drinking, and drugging was a waste of my time. I, unlike my peers in college, had no where to go when break time came. I had no parents homes I packed up and went to. I learned through the school of hardnocks – to sink or swim, and I was determined to swim. You can too!

by: LM Preston, author of The Pack and Explorer X - Alpha,,


You can read my review of LM's novel, Explorer X - Alpha,
here. It's one for tweens who are into sci-fi.

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Kemendraugh said...

HAH. I love the cover of this book. Enter plz?

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Meredith said...

Go Ms. Preston! Glad to see that you were able to pick yourself up and brush yourself off after that family catastrophe at such a young age! In a world where things seem to go from bad to worse, you chose the right path!

meredithfl at gmail dot com
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buddyt said...

I just found your blog via La Femme Readers and have signed up as a Follower via GFC.

I have a nephew who would love to read the book, so please include me in the giveaway.

Thank you for opening it up to worldwide entries.

Carol T

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Mardel said...

young adults from priviledged background - certainly a whole 'nother breed of people. Never understood them. I came from poor families too. my parents were divorced during a time when it was really frowned on. I didn't go to any college until after I had all four of my kids. Still struggling - but that's the thing about life. Sometimes, even when you work really hard at it, things don't always work out. I've learned to try to enjoy what I have. Unfortunately, My husband doesn't think that way and the last few years have been pretty tough. Trying to stay positive with a negative man in your life is hard. But we've been married 30 years and I guess I'm still trying to make the best - although I'm not trying that hard anymore :). Now, I'm just trying to make sure I'm enjoying myself - even if it's just simply sitting down and reading a good book.

GABY said...

I'd love to participate, I've heard good reviews about this book-1

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wow, you had difficult times but you sure did everything right! I don't know if I would have done the same! Obviously your hard work made you a stronger person.

My senior year was great, and at this moment I'm a college student, but I don't waste time drinking and partying...mostly because my parents are doing an amazing effort for me to study. This December I'm finishing and by next year I'll be graduating!

sRy_ said...
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cindy said...

this cover AND the author foto look fantastic!! congrats, LM!

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I would love for my son to read this book.

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