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Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Being Nice"

This is a lengthy video, but I think it is worth watching if you have the time.

Melina talks about how being nice in reviews just for the sake of being nice is not the way to go. And I agree. I think authors all need criticism in order to learn and grow. Not everyone is going to love your book. That's impossible. Everyone is raised differently and has different opinions on things.

Reviewers review so they give other readers a perspective on what the book they may buy would be like. If you are a regular follower, you know that I give my honest opinion on every book I read and review. I don't feel that I should be nice in every review because hey, time is lost for having the book read and I don't get paid at all. Therefore I should have my own opinion on whether I like the book or not.

I want to hear your opinions as a reader and/or reviewer.
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Mardel said...

I got through about have of the tired of listening - it just seemed to go on. I get the point. However, I don't think people should worry too much about whether people are watching you or not when you review, and I think some bloggers are taking this worry too much to heart.

If you are lucky enough to get a book you wrote looked at by a publisher, then I doubt they are going to factor in whether you ever gave a bad review or not.

Probably the only thing you would ever have to worry about is if the author you reviewed might not feel like writing a blurb on your new book and that would be their right.

On another hand, there are bad reviews, there are objective reviews and thhere are reviewers that only review the books they like or are able to finish (I would fall under this category becasue I don't waste my time on any book I don't enjoy). But there are a few reviewers that have gotten downright nasty in their reviews - and I would hope that people would take those reviews with a grain of salt.

Now, I'm not saying that all bad reviews are nasty reviews. I know that a lot of people take a lot of care and thought in what they write about a book. I am saying that there are a few reviewers that seem to delight in getting a little too into slamming a book or author. Thankfully, I haven't come across a lot of these, because why waste time on unpleasantness?

So if you feel like you are being honest with reviewing, and giving an honest opinion or feedback on whether you like a book or not,then why worry? I've never read anything that could be considered mean-spirited on your own blog.

I also know that there have been instances of an author here and there, and even a publisher getting nasty about a poor review of their work. They only come across as unprofessional and childish, so again if someone is putting forth their honest and objective opinion, then they should try to ignore these childish people. The professional authors and publishers aren't going to be stupid enough to make themselves look like assholes online for the public to see.

I hope I explained how I feel good enough - it doens't always come out right. Basically, I think if you have wrote reviews, honestly - about books you didn't like, then continue being honest about it. I myself don't enjoy reading mean spirited reviews, or mean spirited reactions to people who are being honest in an objective way.

Bethany said...

THANK YOU! She put all the things I was thinking about this issue in words.

Whew... I almost got taken by the other side before this. She reminded me why I took the honest review rote :)

I understand the some reviews take it to far. (Like athor-bashing.)
But I enjoy reading what the reviewers think.

People fighting for the other side say that some reviews are unprofessional. ( I think those are directed to people like me...)

I will say if I like a book or not. Maybe I can't psyco-analize the book, but I know enough to say if I liked it of not.