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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Regarding Free ARCs + Japan Relief Fund

Last night I thought about it and realized something regarding the shipping fees going towards charity. I realized that I would be donating the same amount of money of the shipping fees for the books you want, rather than it going directly to charity. Because it would go like this: you pay, I go to the post office and pay, and then I donate. Since the money you pay me for the shipping fees goes towards the post office, it wouldn't make it to charity.

I apologize for this silly error on my side because I didn't think through it thoroughly. Since I am already doing this, I have decided to change around some things since I still want to support Japan. So instead, for every (rounded) shipping fee that is paid for, I will donate 25% of the amount to Red Cross Canada. This is only till the end of March!

The reason why is because I cannot spend so much. I am already planning to buy some jewelry from Etsy to help support Japan where all proceeds will go to it. I'm thinking of spending around $30. So if I was to donate the accumulate amount of the shipping fees by the end of the month, I would go even more broke as a student!

But no worries, the amount I promised to be donated before will be donated. It's just after this post, the above changes will be implemented.

If you want to help out in other ways, you can buy jewelry where all or some proceeds will go to Japan. Please check out my fashion blog (yes, I have one in collaboration with my cousin) where I made a couple of posts so far with some Etsy shops that are donating. (Follow? :D )

Please forgive me for this mistake. I hope you all still help out in some way to help Japan, either by donating personally, spread the word, or do your own thing to fundraise.

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Liviania said...

I think everyone understands. I've been donating what I can . . . but it's hard when you're young.

Diana Dang said...

Thanks Liviania :)