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Monday, February 1, 2010

My Monday Mailbox & Music Machine (Feb 1/10)



Ouran High School Host Club vol. 13 by Bisco Hatori
Black Bird vol. 2 by Kanoko Sakurakoji
Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Homg, I bought books! Lol, it's a rarity for me to go out and buy books these days because I just don't have the funds to. I'm re-reading the Host Club because I realized that I zoomed through the last few volumes that I forgot what had happened. I am looking forward to Perfect Chemistry and hopefully it will not disappoint.

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Music Machine

Title: Oh!
Artist/Band: SNSD
Language: Korean
My Thoughts: SNSD is a very popular all-girls Korean band that is known for their cute songs and appearances. The Oh! MV is just released recently. It's not my favourite song from this group but it is still a good one. I am very curious about the ending, if that is the way to introduce another new band. If so, I wonder when the band will officially debut. (Gosh, all of these K-bands debut! I wonder how many are going to be released this year).

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oO Mariana Oo said...

Perfect Chemistry! I really want to read it ^^


Allison said...

I absolutely love SNSD! Their new album isn't their best in my opinion since I thought their first album was better. I wonder if you know who is who in the group. The ending was actually a sneak preview of their next theme so it's all the same girls. They're really good live and so in sync with the dancing. Really amazing. Haha I wonder how many more new bands there can be for 2010.

Diana Dang said...

@Allison: Oh really? Lol, so that clarifies it.

I actually don't know all of their names. I only remember a couple of names but I don't even know who they belong to, haha. Although I do stay in tune with the latest Korean songs, I don't bother finding out their names because I would just get confused lol. The only K-band I know all of the names of is Big Bang. ><;

Homg, I am sure they would explode with all the new bands this year. I wonder why invest so much on new bands though, especially if they are spitting them out like nothing.

Allison said...

@Diana Dang - Well it wasn't very easy figuring out the names. I know all the guys in Big Bang too. They're really awesome and I think they just started their Korean concert. Then they'll be going to Japan for another concert tour.

The economy isn't that good anymore (I think, I don't check the news much) and I don't hear too much about those new bands after they debut so there is a very small chance there won't be a million new groups. Who knows, there's always a surprise like SNSD's next theme. I thought it was a clash of the cliques thing. And it looks better there than it does in any book I've read ^^

Diana Dang said...

Big Bang is pure awesome. :D It's because of them that I got pulled into Korean music. Before it was J-rock and all but it's been ages since I've heard Japanese music after I went on my K-music obsession.

The economy is still trying to pull out of a slump, which I why I definitely don't think it is a good idea for the Korean entertainments to come out with new bands. The chances of them being remembered is likely to be reduced at this point.

I do look forward to comebacks. Especially with 2ne1.

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Perfect Chemistry = total awesome. And Black Bird's art look intriguing. Great books! :)

As for SNSD, err... Like half the girls can sing in my not-so-professional opinion. They can all stand there and look gorgeous though, lol. :P

Diana Dang said...

Lol yeah, they are known as Asian clones so there are a few antis out there. xD


I love Perfect Chemistry, one of my faves, so I really hope you like it.

As for Oh My! I like it, it's catchy and it put me in a good mood lol. I like their song Gee too. But, I still prefer my boy bands better. Taeyang *swoon*

Diana Dang said...

I like Gee and a couple of their other latest songs. But yea, I generally prefer boy bands over girl bands! Lol, T.O.P. and G-Dragon all the way! But I love all Big Bang members <3

Razlover's Book Blog said...

I hope you enjoy the Black Bird series as much as I do!

I've been wanting to read Ouran High School Host Club!