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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Monday Mailbox & Music Machine (Feb 8/10)



Panic X Panic vol. 1 by Mika Kawamura

Only one new manga to review but I don't mind! I still have to get through so many other novels and mangas.

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Music Machine

Title: Amoled
Son Dambi & After School
My Thoughts:
In South Korea, big companies usually have popular celebrities endorse their products. When it comes to making music videos based on the product, they are generally phones. In this MV, AMOLED is the latest Samsung HP Model.

I absolutely love this song! I had it on repeat (with MV and all) several times at one point. Son Dambi is one of my favourite Korean celebs (main female singing) and I love how she looks in this MV! After School is also a good band but one that I do not follow. If you would like to see the HQ version without the subs, go here:

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deltay said...

After School! <3
By the way, have you heard their live version of When I Fall? It's gorgeous!

Allison said...

That is definitely an addicting song. Son Dambi's music is always awesome. I don't follow After School either the way I do with Big Bang. I'm really getting into After School though. They keep changing members everytime a new single is released. First 5, then 6, and now 7. As long as Bekha (the girl with the shades and rap solo)isn't leaving anytime ever, they can get more members than SNSD and I wouldn't care. I don't think some of the members in After School don't get the attention they deserve so that's probably the group's only flaw. The whole time I listened to the song, I thought they kept saying trackteam but they were saying attractive instead :(

Diana Dang said...

@deltay: I haven't heard the live ver. but I heard it. It's a very nice song. :))

@Allison: Son Dambi est tres cool! :D

Lol! I get tired when bands keep changing or adding/removing members. I just wish that they stick with it from beginning to end (unless the band has lasted for a couple of years).

Homg, it was "attractive" they were saying?? I kept thinking it was "all trashy!" instead lol! (Didn't actually read the subs)

Allison said...

Son Dambi also happens to be making a comeback in March. 2010 feels like it's going to be a great kpop year. If groups kept the same members for a really long time, I would think they'd have a strong fan base since new members usually get antis in a snap of a fingers. I don't get why, they never did anything to them.

I couldn't believe it when I found out that was what they said and not any other crazy word I thought it was. It sounds nothing like attractive to me. That's the fun of songs that aren't English ^_-

Lunar New Year is coming up which means lots of celebrity performance shows. Not just the regular four that are usually on Thursday to Sunday. I remember last years with Taeyang's dance off with Seungri. Did you see that? I really hope Big Bang is there again!

Diana Dang said...

I look forward to Son Dambi's comeback! :D

Yeah, I'm sure a lot of fanbase can grow for bands but they must stop making new ones then. Or else people would get distracted with new stuff and the old bands are forgotten. D:

I love it when Kpop songs have English words. =w=

I generally don't watch live shows. xD I'm more of a MV girl. o3o

Book Monster said...

Looks like a cute manga :) can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!!