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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Monday Mailbox & Music Machine (Feb 22/10)



Still Sucks to Be Me by Kimberly Pauley


I So Don't Do Spooky by Barrie Summy

Definitely can't wait to get started on Still Sucks to Be Me once I am done with most of my current reads! And I So Don't Do Spooky looks so cute!

Want to do your own Mailbox Meme? Check out how to at The Story Siren!


Music Machine

Title: I Did It For Love
Artist/Band: BoA
Language: English
My Thoughts: I actually am not a BoA fan. She is a popular Korean artist who has been around for a few years now and have penetrated not only the Korean music industry, but the Japanese's as well. And just last year, she debuted her new English album in America.

Although I don't like her Korean and Japanese songs so much, I am actually a fan of her English album. I Did It For Love is one of the many songs on it that I find extremely catchy and addicting.

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Nice books this week.

I also like Boa's music, she's an amazing dancer too!

Book Monster said...

Still sucks to be me, looks good. Hope you enjoy, Happy Reading!!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Good reads this week - I like the one you won - it looks good!

Lori said...

Enjoy your books. Here's Mine.

Ah Yuan // wingstodust said...

Huh, I could have sworn I already commented, but I guess not...

Anyhow, yeah, I was never a big fan of BoA's japanese or korean songs either, so I was surprised that I really enjoyed her English album. I think it's the techno stuff she had going on? Anyhow, my favourites were Did Ya and Energetic in that album. =D Though Did It For Love is not bad either. =D

Diana Dang said...

@Eleni: She is an amazing dancer!

@Yuan: Homg, yeah! Those are my favourites too! xDD I also like Scream, it's creepy if you think about the lyrics. x)

@Everyone else: Thanks!

Miriam said...

Nice books, I really want 'I don't do spooky'. It seems everyone is winning books except me, haha. And I remember listening to BoA ages ago, but her songs were a bit strange.

wdebo said...

Oo I want to read Still Sucks to Be Me, can't wait to see your review!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your books Diana! :)

Boa is such a good dancer & this song is super catchy, you're right.