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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Invisible Touch by Kelly Parra

Title: Invisible Touch
Author: Kelly Parra
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 279
My Rating: 4.5/5

It's hard to be normal after a parent's loss. For Kara Martinez, it's even harder. After her father died in a tragic accident, Kara has been able to see signs of people's futures on their bodies. Unable to tell anyone about her ability, she blogs her life out anonymously.

Kara tries to live everyday like a regular teen, but when she sees a gun in one of her classmates' future, she has no idea what she should do. Trying to piece together this mystery, Kara gets tangled up on the wrong side of town. Not to mention, she starts to fall for Anthony, a bad boy with his own secrets.

The definition of Invisible Touch: Thrilling, gripping, and romantic. Kelly Parra weaves an exciting modern tale with a protagonist who has the power to see one's fate.

It was nice to see a non-white female lead who was proud of her Mexican heritage (although she was quarter Irish). I think Kara is a strong character as she risks her life every time to solve the puzzle of her classmate's future. Although she had her own fears, she was able to overcome them admirably when she faced danger. I felt bad for her because when she first saw ghosts (before seeing signs), her mother didn't believe her. Instead, she was sent off to a therapist and rehab so she could "get better". I found it extremely frustrating to be in Kara's position because the therapist she had to deal with was extremely annoying.

When Kara first met Anthony, I thought it was sudden how he immediately started liking her (not exactly on the first encounter but the one after). I generally do not like it when a character likes another all of the sudden without the development within their relationship. Luckily, Kara and Anthony got to know more about each other as the plot progresses and they were able to deepen their relationship with each other.

I love the mystery part of the novel because it kept me going, wondering what was going to happen to Kara and those around her next. The ending was a shocker and something I did not expect at all. It made the story so much better overall with such twist!

Invisible Touch is a read you don't want to miss out on!

Won copy from Life, Words, & Rock 'n' Roll.

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