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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Switch by Carol Snow

Title: Switch
Author: Carol Snow
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 215
My Rating: 3/5

Claire is just another girl with some body problems. Not the weight kind though. Instead, she is able to transfer into other people's bodies during electrical storms. It is troublesome but she has managed her unnatural ability thus far.

When she enters Larissa, a cool but gorgeous teen, she does not think much of it. However, when she realizes that she is unable to leave the girl's body, she knows that she is in trouble. Not to mention, Larissa has caught the attention of Claire's crush, Nate.

Claire must find a way to return to her body before she is found out. Except getting all the attention she never had from Nate, will she want to leave it all behind?

I thought I wouldn't like this one but it turned out to be alright. We have Claire who is an average girl that likes swimming. Like most female protagonists, her crush does not acknowledge her beyond just a friend. There is also her best friend, Beanie, who supports her throughout, but does not know about her condition. Claire is someone most female readers can relate to. However, I didn't find her standing out as a character. She is one that could easily be forgotten, which held the novel back. I think it would have been better if the story had Larissa's point-of-view and had the two interact a lot more. Instead, Claire was stuck in Larissa's body and had to deal with a couple of annoying kids as she tried to figure out her problem.

I wish there was something more to the plot. It was pretty mediocre in which one could read but nothing too exciting. There were times where I was not interested in continuing any further because it did not offer any sustenance. I think this novel could be liked but it really depends on the reader. I personally thought it was okay but I doubt I would come back to it for a second try.

If you like the premises of Switch, check it out. Other than that, it is one that can be passed up.

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Book Monster said...

This sounds interesting , will have to look it up. Good honest review :)

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Sorry to hear you very slightly disappointed by this one! I do like the premise so I think I'll give it a try eventually. :)