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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Monday Mailbox & Music Machine (Mar 1/10) + Winner + Others



Greek: Double Date by Marsha Warner

I haven't read TV series based novels since... ever really. I have never seen Greek either because I don't exactly have cable nor does it seem like it would be something I'm interested in.

Those who have watched the show: What is it about? You like it? Why or why not?


Music Machine

Title: My Ear's Candy
Artist/Band: Baek Ji Young feat. Taecyeon
Language: Korean
My Thoughts: Eleni, you got my addicted to this song!! (Surfed through your playlist on your blog out of boredom) :P

I never really had a favourite member from 2PM (a really really awesome K-band! I think I will have them up next week), but after this MV, TAECYEON FTW! ♥

For the high-definition version without subs:


And of course we have to draw out the winner for Silver Phoenix! //drumrolls// The winner is...

Jenny N.

Congrats! Send me an email with your address at faked_sugartone at ASAP! I have another contest running at the moment which is open worldwide! You can win Explorer X-Alpha by clicking here!


I got a couple of awards recently. One is the One Lovely Blog Award from Little Miss Becky at Stories & Sweeties. The other, to be honest, I forgot which post it was commented on. ^^; But I'm sure you know who you are! Thank you both!

Yan from Books By Their Cover tagged me with Honest Scrap. I got tagged once in the past but never did it. So I will now. The rules are to: 1) List 10 honest things about yourself and 2) Pass it on to 10 other honest bloggers.

1. I exercise religiously everyday. I feel horrible if I don't, even when I'm sick.
2. The original reason why I started exercising was because I wanted to be a model...
3. I secretly still do. (Which I guess isn't a secret anymore Px )
4. I hate it when people fool me. It makes me sad and angry at the same time.
5. Although I hate Twilight, I urge to read the rest of the series so I can like it. oO;
6. I have never, ever been to an author event. :( I mean, I passed by author signings in the bookstore before, but they were people I never heard and didn't write YA fiction.
7. I get a little sad if I don't have at least one comment for every post I have on the blog. =w=;
8. I am easily inspired to do something new. But that goes for as easily losing interest in it as well. x.x
9. I have never kissed a guy nor been in a relationship yet.
10. I'm starting to love fashion. In the past I didn't care what I wear for the most part. I dumped all of my money into books. But now, the money is starting to stray into clothes instead...

Gah, I'm lazy to tag anyone. So if you're reading this, you're tagged! :P

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Cindy said...

Diana, great list. I have mine scheduled to post on Sunday (7th).

I feel the same way you do too about feeling sad about being played a fool for and about not getting comments.

This will make your day I am sure.

Yan said...

I'm with you on #9 Diana ;P but it totally reminds me of how a guy-friend asked me out and I laughed in his face until I realized he was serious. that friendship got awkward fast! lol

Why punish yourself if you don't like Twilight? xD

Dannie said...

Hey, I love your blog.

I've seen Greek and its...well, hope the books okay. Lol

Aspen said...

Hi Diana!

I watch Greek, and well, it's not deep, it doesn't have an outstanding plot or storyline, but it's pretty, funny, and basically a good fix of comedy and drama. It's mindless watching - I like having a few of those.

I personally am fascinated by pretty sororities ^^ :$ that's why I started watching, and well, I get my pink fix for sure! :P

And oh - your Honest Scrap list - I was reading it and saw it was a tag thing and thought "aw, I wish someone would tag me, I really want to make one"

and you unintentionally did, haha! thank you ;)



Aspen said...

btw I am now following you ^^

Diana Dang said...

@Cindy: I don't mind it when people are joking with me but when they purposely try to fool me makes me so mad!

@Yan: Oh damn xD There's always next time? >3<

Lol, I just feel like I should jump in the bandwagon xDD

@Dannie: Thanks!

@Aspen: Lol! You're welcome! XD And thanks! :D

MissAttitude said...

I actually really like Greek. It makes soroity and fraternity life seem so funny and it glosses over hazing but it's really funny and Cappie is so cute!! It's a decent show about college.

I'm with you on the comments. So hooray now you have 7 comments! I've never been to an aouthor even either but I want to change that since I think it would be cool to meet an author of a book you loved/really liekd and especially if you keep in contact with them :)

Congrats to the winner of Silver Phoenix!