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Sunday, September 21, 2008

D.Gray-Man by Katsura Hoshino

Title: D.Gray-Man
Katsura Hoshino

Age Group:
Older Teens

# of Pages:

# of Volumes: 16
My Rating:

Akuma, they are devices of the Dark Side made by the evil Millennium Earl. These Akumas are made from the souls of humans that had died and ones that mourned their death greatly. They terrorize the living world in the fictional late nineteenth century, becoming more powerful each day. But regular humans can't detect them. These creatures hide underneath human skin.

Enter Allen Walker, a British boy who is an exorcist of these Akumas. His left arm is an Anti-Akuma that destroys them. And his left eye can see through an Akuma's facade. He witnesses many miseries and sorrow through his work. But with so many Akumas that exist in the world, how would he rid them all and Millenium Earl?

The story does complicate later on so it would be a bit confusing if I tack those to the summary. I really like the overall book. It is different and I like to see what is it like for fictionous worlds in a mangaka's mind. The characters themselves are interesting because Allen meets different people each day. Definitely a good read, not something I will go extremely crazy for but enough for me to want much more. The story sort of makes you wonder, would you sacrifice yourself to bring back a loved one alive?

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