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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Likely Story by David Van Etten

Title: Likely Story
Author: David Van Etten
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 230
My Rating: 2/5

Having an over dramatic mother is bad enough. Having an over dramatic actress as a mother is worse!

Mallory teenage life is just full of real life drama alright. Especially when it comes to having a childish parent. Her mother is a character in a soap opera calls 'Good as Gold' and Mallory finds it really irritating. She decides to let out her fumes after being agitated by her mother about how fake soap operas are on her blog. She states that she is able to produce a more realistic soap opera that anyone could relate to and enjoy.

She never expected that one post could change her life forever. Then her mother's agent, Donald, calls her up. He loves her idea. Said that she should make her her own soap. Mallory is extremely surprised.

Will her first show be able to lift off very well? And could she get her inspired best friend Amelia to play the main girl? ... Even though she is not so great at it? Also being a girlfriend of a boy who has another girl, would Mallory and Keith work out behind Erika's back? What about the cutie, Dallas, who is going to be one of Mallory's characters? What will happen to them? Oh the drama!

There is one thing that strikes out to me, Mallory's mother. There are many times that she is a complete bitch (pardon my language for there will be times like this I have no choice but need to use this word) and then she seems even caring. This got me sort of annoyed. I just want her to stick to one set of personality that doesn't bounce back so much. There is also one scene that really makes me mad. (If you don't want to be spoiled, just ignore from this point on). It is where Mallory told Amelia that she did not get the main part, Sarah, at the end. Amelia completely lash out on Mallory being a total (sorry again) bitch. Worse than Mallory's mother! Amelia starts sneering at Mallory how she is just like her mom, only caring for herself! The poor girl accidentally fell into the pool and she just stomps away. What the hell? Mallory sticks up for her the whole time while they were doing the cuts and all. Amelia managed to get so far but since she she lacks the charisma and another girl played Sarah fabulously got the part, she goes berserk. Guess what? Life sucks! She was even lucky to have a chance to get on the show but hell! I can't believe Mallory wants to try and make up with her. I would be pissed if I was in Mallory's position. If someone is that ungrateful to me when I tried so hard for them, they don't deserve any sympathy or friendship.

Overall my opinion of the book, I find it okay. Aside the part ranted, there wasn't much going on. It isn't slow but it isn't fast either. Enough to have you going but enough that you know nothing exciting will show up. A bit predictable but there are surprises as well. I know, a lot of oxymorons there. But I really, really want Mallory to give Amelia a piece of her mind in the second book.

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keri mikulski :) said...
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keri mikulski :) said...


Thanks for the review.. Like how the main character ends up writing for the soap after posting on her blog. Interesting. :)

Diana Dang said...

Haha, pardon my ranting language there! =))