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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Witch Way Did She Go? by Paul Ruditis

Title: Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Witch Way Did She Go?
Author: Paul Ruditis
Age Group: Tweens +
# of Pages: 146
My Rating: 3.5/5

Sabrina the Teenage Witch, surely you have heard of her some way or the other at one point in your life. The series is quite long and different situations happen in each.

In this one, Sabrina is facing one of the most difficult choices of her life: What to take in college? Everyone is asking her for favours and to join different clubs. Her head is spinning with too much information. No, her head literally spins! So her wizard-turned-cat friend, Salem, suggests that she uses the Magic Cue Ball (Magic Eight Ball before until some idiot witch sold the rights of the name to a human company). The rules are to only ask three questions and the ball will transport you to the future for five minutes of how it will result if so was to happen. Sabrina asks a couple of simple question before she left to go to class. Salem, couldn't help but be greedy, took the chance at the last wish for how things would turn out if he is ruler of the world.

When the young witch came back, she went ahead with her last question. Which she went creative on that created a huge long run-on sentence. Salem on the other hand stayed much longer than five minutes, wanting to live his royal life. Both gets punished by being zapped into the Amazing Maze which is a huge test for Sabrina's undecisive skills. The time limit is three hours. And if they are not done in time? They are trapped in the maze forever.

I personally like this book and gave a higher rating than what I would usually give if I didn't like it. I can totally relate to Sabrina at this point. (I remembered not understanding a few things because I bought it when I was like 10. Dug it up just today from my old books.) I am incredibly indecisive and take ages to make a decision. Not only that but she is dealing with her schedule. Soon enough, I will have to go to university and figure out how to pick out my classes. But with so many options! How in the world will I handle it? Well, I hope I can manage. This is a fast read since there is barely 150 pages in it so pick it up if you want to fly through things. Or being an indecisive person, check it out and maybe the story will help you sort yourself out!

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