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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Haruka by Tohko Mizuno

Title: Haruka - Beyond the Stream of Time
Mangaka: Tohko Mizuno
Age Group: Older Teens
# of Pages: Approx. 200
# of Volumes: 14
My Rating: 1/5

High school girl, Akane, was minding her own business when she was suddenly sucked away from her world along with her two friends Tenma and Shimon. She wakes up to find herself in ancient Japan of the Heian period! She was summoned by the Demon leader to his world and she finds out that she is the Priestess of the Dragon God.

Given the Eight Guardians, she have to protect the danger from the demon clan has planned for them.

Utterly confusing. The artist has no transition flow in her artwork and story at all. The story was all over the place and it just jumped around too quickly. I try to make sense of what is going on but my habit is to skim through manga quickly. If I don't understand it when I read it over fast, I won't do much better slowly. Originally, this story was a PlayStation game, which I guess would be so much better. I would like to try out the game but it would all be in Japanese so there would be no point. But there is one pointer, I love the male characters in it. Haha, most of them are all so pretty. Except for like Akane's friends from her time periods, they so plain...

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