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Monday, September 8, 2008

Ever by Gail Carson Levine

Title: Ever
Author: Gail Carson Levine
Age Group: Tweens
# of Pages: 244
My Rating: 1/5

Kezi loves to dance and knot rugs. She wants a simple life and lives with her loving family. She never expects to have her death arrive so soon because of an oath her father made to the god Admat.

Olus is seventeen, god of the winds who falls in love with Kezi from a distance. He got a job as a goat herder from Kezi's father when he didn't want to being staying up in the gods' world no more. When he realizes that Kezi will die, he tries to find a way to save her life. It is a dangerous task where both may fail and death can be the result.

This book is incredibly disappointing in my standards. I guess one of the reason is that since it is written for a much younger audience so there is little details of the surroundings and such. It is written in first person, which I don't mind for most of the time but the fact is that it is all in present tense! I can't stand books like that back I like them all in the past tense. Reading it for the most part was torture for me. I just hated this writing style Mrs. Levine wrote in. I adore Fairest so when I turned to Ever, I was expecting for some more surprises and excitement. And the fact that religion comes into play I don't like so much. Well, at least the cover is pretty.

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