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Monday, October 27, 2008

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

Title: Something Borrowed
Author: Emily Giffin
Age Group: Adults
# of Pages: 322
My Rating: 5/5

Rachel White lives a clean life. She was a hard working student throughout high school and university, leading into her attorney career. She always had a bit of envy for her best friend, Darcy, who is beautiful and is very outgoing. (Not to mention every single guy and girl loves her! Well, most...) Why does Rachel have to work hard everyday to get to where she is today while her friend wastes her time but gets everything anyway?

On her thirtieth birthday, all have changed completely when Darcy threw a surprise party for Rachel. After some drinks, she and Darcy's fiancee, Dex, ended up in bed together that night. Didn't want to betray her long lasting friendship with Darcy, she tries to ignore it and move on. Only when it hit her that she is in love with Dex! And to add to the complications, he loves her too! Starting to have a secret love affair behind Darcy's back, would Rachel be able to have her own happy ending for once without hurting the ones she loves most?

This is one of the really rare romance adult novels I got to read and I got to say, I love it! It packs with great drama (not those overly dramatic ones that I scream fake to like Gossip Girl) and I'm sure all romantics would love it! There are times where I am disappointed at the main character because of her actions but then later on she does something that changes your mind. Makes you wonder if you'll ever be in an awkward situation. I even questioned my friend how she would feel if she was betrayed like that. (Her answer nailed into my head that I should never have second thoughts on hooking up with her future boyfriend). Definitely recommend it to all the females of appropriate age who is in need of some lovey-dovey reads!

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ashley said...

Great review!!!! Please check out y review blog,

Liviania said...

Not sure I'd like this one - don't know if I could sympathize to someone who would do that to their friend.

Well, you still have to buy anything full sized but they give out samples. The tray girls make sure I always get something since they know me.

I love all genres! I read shojo the most but there's so much worth reading. (I'm considering starting Monster - supposed to be scary but awesome.)

Haha, I was two years behind on Naruto until a month ago. I reread/watched more than I needed to because I couldn't remember where I left off.

keri mikulski :) said...

I love this book! ;) Great review. :)