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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

La Corda d'Oro by Yuki Kure

Title: La Corda d'Oro
Mangaka: Yuki Kure
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: Approx. 170
# of Volumes: 11
My Rating: 5/5

The prestigious Seisou Academy, divides the school into two groups: the General Education (Gen Ed) and the Musical Group. The school is famous for their talented musical students and you could get amazing scholarships and opportunities if you show how talented you are. Every few years, there would be a musical competition and only the best of the best would be picked to join. All the musical students hopes for their chance to shine in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Kahoko Hino is a Gen Ed student who has no musical talent what-so-ever. She was minding her business and taking a glance up in the sky when she suddenly saw a small fairy! Apparently, many years ago there was a young man with a passion for music who saved the fairy. The fairy, Lili, blesses the school he build later on. Lili is invisible to everyone but he (possibly she cause of the name?) decided to relax his magic and let those with a potential see him. Since Kohoko have the same "wavelength" as he, he decided that she should be in the musical competition of this year! Giving her a magical violin, he made sure that he guilted her into staying in the competition. How would it turn out for a girl who never touched a violin in her life in the sea of talents beyond compare?

Intially, I never wanted to read this manga. I saw it many times in the bookstore but it seems... a bit generalistic for me that I wouldn't like it. But boy, am I wrong! I borrowed it from the library last week and didn't touch it till yesterday. I ended up reading up to the fourth one, neglecting my homework! What I extremely love about it is that there are two, no three male characters that may have a chance with Kohoko. Usually, I hate the love triangles because you know who the girl ends up with and it's not very fun because the male characters get prissy generally in the shojo mangas with each other. There is this one character, Kazuki Hihara, that reminds me so much of my own character, Anthony Bobbie Dang, that I found him downright adorable!! Unlike most mangas that dies after the first volume, it intrigues you to continue reading! I even squealed at one part because one of the male character accidentally fell on top of Kohoko! I would've done some spoilers but it's late right now and I am feeling lazy...

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