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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Candice Bailey from Zombie Queen of Newbury High

When Diana Dang asked me to help celebrate her blog anniversary I was thrilled since lets face it, I really don’t get all the attention that I deserve so I figured ‘hey, this is totally my chance to shine’. And in case you’re wondering who I am, my name is Candice Bailey and I was a character in Amanda Ashby’s ‘Zombie Queen of Newbury High’.

I would like to say I was the heroine of that book, but for some inexplicable reason, the author (in her complete stupidity) decided that my best friend Mia Everett should be the star of the show. Not that I begrudge Mia her success since we go way back and really you couldn’t meet a nicer girl if you tried. But still, if you ask me, it was a little bit unfair.

I mean for a start Mia didn’t do anything heroic at all. In fact she did the opposite of heroic when she turned me and every other senior at Newbury High into almost zombies. Okay, so technically I might’ve been the one to suggest Mia buy the questionable love spell that ended up causing all the problems, but really that’s beside the point. The important thing to remember is that I almost got turned into a zombie and I didn’t even get my own book.

In what world is that fair?

And while we’re talking about injustice, don’t even get me started on the problems I’ve had trying to get my parents’ medical insurance to cough up for my ongoing rehabilitation costs. According to Chase Miller (he is the totally hot guy that helped us with the whole zombie thing and who Mia ended up falling desperately in love with. Thankfully tall, dark and silent isn’t really my type so I can let her off for that one), anyway, according to the Department of Paranormal Containment that Chase works for, I’m completely back to normal with no outstanding medical conditions whatsoever.

Oh, please.

That is so not the case and ever since the whole almost-zombie thing not only has my digestion been ridiculous but I’ve had circulation problems, my skin doesn’t have that peachy glow and even my hair seems to have gone up a shade in the dull-o-meter. Of course I’m sure that all this could be quite easily fixed by a three week trip to a health spa – though nothing American, since after doing my research I firmly believe that the European spas are best equipped to deal with my specific needs. Except of course the stupid insurance company for some reason agree with Chase’s equally stupid department and are refusing to pay the money that I require.

I know. What’s that about?

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, it’s Diana Dang’s blog party so I would like to take this opportunity to wish her a lovely day and as a gift (don’t look so surprised, I mean I might’ve almost turned into a zombie but I still have manners), I would like to give her a few words of advice.

First up, if your best friend ever wants to do a love spell then make sure you are at least five miles away from her. Also, if you wake up one morning and have a weird rash on your arm and totally flip out thinking that you’re got leprosy and are going to die, then apparently you have nothing to worry about because it’s probably just the non-precious metal bracelet that you forgot to take off before you went to sleep. And finally, have fun!!


Zombie Queen of Newbury High is such a cute and funny zombie novel! And you can now win a copy of your own! (I wonder what Amanda will have in stores next for her new book!)

A signed copy of Zombie Queen Newbury High
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celi.a said...

I'd love to win - this looks entertaining!

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Erica said...

Zombie Queen Of Newsbury High looks great! I can't wait to read it!

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+1 Tweeted about it! @thebookcellarx (I @ you so you'd you see it)

:) Erica

Fantastic Book Review said...

I really enjoyed this post! I'll have to add this to my TBR pile.

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Leslie said...

+1 This sounds awesome! Thanks for the contest!
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leslie-lv at hotmail dot com

Bianca said...

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infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

wdebo said...

I've read it already, but I would love to have my own copy and reread it. I loved this post!

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Wdebo :)

Paradox said...

I want to read this book!

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paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

Anonymous said...

sounds great,please enter me in the giveaway

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Bookworm said...

Awesome contest!

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+1 New follower! Yay!
+1 linked to my blog's sidebar.

Thanks so much and happy blogoversary!

ebcella AT comcast DOT net

deltay said...

Haha, that was definitely a very amusing read! I especially like that it was from the POV of a character other than the MC. =)

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RKCharron said...

Thanks for having Amanda Ashby here and thanks you Amanda for such a fun blog post.

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All the best,

ReggieWrites said...

+1 Commenting...
I've been wanting to read this book!

Shawna said...

Shawna Lewis

+1 I became a follower

+1 I am leaving a comment-I love you blog very pretty I love the top Picture
Thanks for this chance to win ;o)

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Total 3 points

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'd love to win! Looks like a wicked book :)

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a flight of minds said...

We'd love to be entered! Haven't read this book yet, but now want to after reading the guest post. :)

+1 commenting
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+1 Linked in sidebar

Oh, you have awards here.

Alex & Lauren at aflightofminds(at)hotmail(dot)com

Dominique said...

This book sounds so good! Neat cover too :) Please count me in, I would love to read this book! :D

+2 I'm a follower already ^.^


Debbie F said...

Please enter me!
+2 - old follower~

dcf_beth at verizon dot net

Liz said...

Oooh! This looks GOOD!!!
Enter Me!!
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Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to win a copy of this book. Please enter my name in your draw. Thanks.
wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I am a follower of your blog.
wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

the moody teenager said...

I love books where the living dead are alive :D

+2 old follower?
+have your blog in sidebar :D

etirv said...

I would like to be entered!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks!
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adriennelizbth08 said...
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adriennelizbth08 said...

Oops sorry I didn't mean to enter twice. My openid wasn't working so I used my goggle account but I guess my first comment went through.

Blodeuedd said...

I have heard much about this book, it's so cool. Zombies and all. I'd love to win

blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

♔ jessica.marie said...

Oh yay for zombies! ... only when they are in books though! ;)

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lovejessicamarie [@] gmail [.] com

Llehn said...

I'd love to play!

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Sheere said...

Umm.. sounds good!

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Liyana said...

+1 I want that signed copy!
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WordVore Prod said...

+1 Woohoo count me in!
+2 old follower, but dunno. blogger hates me lately..all my subscriptions are messed up!

Shawna said...
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Kristen said...

+1 Comment: I'd love to win this!
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Anonymous said...

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Great contests!!

The Book Explorer said...

I would love to win this!

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GypsiesThread said...

I would love to win this book!

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Tynga said...

+1 Please count me in =) I haven't read that book yet ^^

+1 I am a new follower

+1 I posted about you contest on my blog right-hand side bar.

Thank you!

~The Book Pixie said...

Loved the post. lol. This is a cool contest.

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Neas Nuttiness said...

+2 Comment /Please throw my name in for this contest - thanks so much.
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Emma said...

This sounds so awesome! Zombies FOR THE WIN.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh man
ive been wanting
to read this one for a while
id love to win count me in!

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Hailey said...

This sounds like an awesome book! Please enter me.

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Dahlia said...

This book sounds sooo good! ^_^

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GMR said...

Another chance to win an interesting book! Count me in!


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Valorie said...

+1 Would love to win. :)

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TheGhostBlogger said...

Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Seriously, this is one I want to win SOOOOOOOOOO much lol, it looks like a really fun read :)
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Lilibeth Ramos said...

Have heard so many good reviews, seems pretty edgy and right up my alley.

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Beth said...

Sounds interesting!

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Ashley said...

Looks good! booksobsession(at)gmail(dot)com

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Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

I would love to win this. It looks super amazing!
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Pam said...

Count me in!

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melacan at hotmail dot com

MissKatieMack said...

I do love teenage zombie books. Sign me up, please!

~JoRdAn~ said...

I'd really love to win this one :)

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GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I've been wanting to read this one!

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Ikutorocks12 said...

This looks really interesting, I'd like to enter XD
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thank you
email: Miriamfrancos[at]dsl[dot]pipex[dot]com

holdenj said...

I'd love to read a fun and cute zombie novel!

+1 Commenting!


JHolden955 (at) gmail (dot) com

Park Avenue Princess said...

I can't wait for this one!

xoxo Amy (park-Avenue princess)

IAmHiMaintenance at aol dot com

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throuthehaze said...

count me in please!

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throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Jenny N. said...

+1 I would love to win this book
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bridget3420 said...

+1 I'd love to enter.
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Cher said...

I would love to check this book out!

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BrittLit said...

This sounds great!
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Bunny B said...

+1 I love Amanda Ashby!!!
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bunnybx at gmail . com

Jasmyn said...

+1 Comment Sounds like a good read.
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Ninja Fanpire said...

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Genevieve said...

I've entered in a handful of contests for this book before. Maybe this one I'll actually win! Either way, it's on my wishlist.

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Marie said...

I would love to read this!

I am a new follower.

Wendy said...

I love zombies! This one looks so cute!

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+1 posted on my blog's sidebar.

Thanks! :)

Wendy (omgitswendy at gmail dotcom

Liviania said...

Hilarious guest post! I love Ashby's sense of humor.

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inbedwithbooks AT yahoo DOT com

BookFanatic said...

I'm ecstatic about this contest!

Email: i_yamileth_h_11(at)hotmail(dot)com

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Limerick said...

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Thanks for the contest!

two_of_hearts_101 at yahoo dot com

katie said...

I would love to win this!

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Mardel said...

+1 loved the bracelet comment by "Candace". I'd love to read about zombies, especially Zombie Queen's.
+2 follower

austenfan said...

I'd love to win this! It sounds fun. :)

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Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

+1 I'd love to win this--I've heard such good things about it and seems like Zombies are gaining popularity lately, doesn't it? LOL

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+1 Linking this contest

Sarah said...

Please add me to your draw.

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Wrighty said...

Oooh, another good one! Please include me too and thanks!

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Beth said...

Please enter me.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

nfmgirl said...
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nfmgirl said...

+1 Well, this sounds fun! Please count me in. Thanks!

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elnice said...

Please count me in
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Alexa said...

Enter me please!

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Kiara said...

+1 Thank you for this contest!!
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My e-mail adress: kiara.dg(at)


Book Sp(l)ot said...

I really want to read another zombie book and my library doesn't have this one :D (and HAPPY BLOGVERSARY!!!)

+1 for commenting
+1 for follwoing (apparently I wasn't already no matter how much I thought so)


Dani. said...

Zombies? Yes, Count Me In!
I want this book!
I'm very interested to see this book's take on Zombies!
And I just really love zombies! :)

+1: Comment!
+1: Follower!
+1: Linked to Sidebar-

Papaganoush said...

Really you had me at "Zombie". I don't usually read YA (although my wife loves it) but when I saw Zombie - I was hooked. I am reading a lot of Zombie, vampire, werewolf, and other bump-in-the-night type books recently.

No New follower: sadly I don't use Google friend connect :(

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+1 Linking this contest once somewhere else around the web: does twitter count?

shane.knysh at gmail dot com

Beleth said...

the book looks very interesting! count me in
im a follower and my email is:

Thanks <3

booksrmysoul said...

Blair W

Thank you for this chance to win this book!!

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bucsfan12 said...


Thanks for this chance to win enter me into both please.

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CassandraBelikov440 said...

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Cassandra Conley

Korianne said...

I am Team Unicorn but I have heard this book is beyond awesome! Count me in!

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insiya said...

I hope this contests not over and im still eligible to enter =D

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