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Monday, August 17, 2009

Chrissy Gibbons from Savvy Girl

Savvy Girl is a fun and quirky novel by Lynn Messina about a girl who gets an internship at her favourite magazine. The magazine company has a giveaway table where their workers can snag some great freebies. Chrissy, the protagonist, is becoming skilled at what she snags!


Yep, you CAN have chocolate for lunch!

It's Christmas at Savvy magazine (uh-huh, we work that far in advance), and the giveaway table is loaded with delicious treats from companies trying to bribe their way into our special holiday gift-buying section. Yummy-yum-yum!

So far today I've snagged: 3 milk chocolate truffles, 3 hazelnut truffles, 2 almond truffles, 2 dark chocolate truffles, 2 French vanilla truffles, 1 cappuccino truffle, 1 caramel truffle and 1/2 strawberry truffle (I spit it out when I realized it was a fruit filling-ick!). The tricky part of having an all-chocolate lunch is not letting on to anyone else, especially your fellow interns, that you're having an all-chocolate lunch. I suggest the stroll-and-grab. Stroll by the giveaway table on your way to the production department (bring a piece of paper as a prop so you look like you're delivering a memo or a proof) and grab a truffle without stopping. This part is essential. Keep moving! It may take some practice to accurately pinpoint the piece of chocolate you want (hence strawberry ickiness) but you'll get the hang of it.

Also on the giveaway: cocktail mixers, shakers, strainers and spoons, courtesy of another holiday hopeful, Uber Bar Tools. The set is sleek and silver, and one of the editors got the great idea to put them on her plant as Christmas decorations. The SiliStick ("lightweight," "ergonomic") looks great on top but the StrainRay ("tight coils," "long-lasting materials") is so heavy it drags down half the plant.

Last: Cheese, alert! No, not the edible kind (boo-hoo!). The totally lame, I-can't-believe-you-just-did-that kind. The relationship editor is leaving to go to Glamour, so she's cleaning out her office, and rather than walk another, oh, 20 feet to the Dumpster, she dumped all her old magazines on the giveaway. This is seriously not cool. 1) It blocks my drive-by access to the truffles. 2) They're really old tabloids. Who wants outdated Us Weekly and Peoplea? Stale gossip. Ewww.


This is a great beach read! And two lucky people can get their own copy!

Two signed copies of Savvy Girl
# of Winners: 2

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