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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dragon Head by Minetaro Mochizuki

Title: Dragon Head
Mangaka: Minetaro Mochizuki
Age Group: Older Teens
# of Pages: Approx. 200
# of Volumes: 10
My Rating: 4/5

Teru Aoki is coming back from a class trip when suddenly the ground shook violently, overturning the train as it is going through a tunnel. He wakes up, to find that everyone is dead around his. Completely sealed in the tunnel, he and two other classmates try to survive the horrible conditions and rotting flesh.

Fastforwarding to when Teru escapes the underground, he finds the whole world in pitch darkness. Everything is in complete ruins and there is not a soul in site. This is living hell. What will happen to him as he tries to survive this post-apocalyptic disaster?

I have completed the whole series and I have to say, the ending was such a huge disappointment. This manga scares the living lights out of you. In the beginning when I started reading it, it totally sucked me in; when I finished, I realize that I am so lucky to be alive right now without going through any horrors like so. It makes you keep wondering what will happen next. Will they survive? Will they get out of this situation alive? You would just be staring at the page, going "Oh god, I hope this doesn't happen one day" because there may be a possiblity that it can. Looking at the world around us, there are things going on that can lead to the world coming to an end. Well, let's hope it is not any time soon. Compared to this, zombies taking over the world seems like a better situation.

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