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Thursday, December 18, 2008

ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

Title: ghostgirl
Author: Tonya Hurley
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 328
My Rating: 2/5

In every school, there is that one kid who wants to be in the popular crowd. Charlotte Usher is one of them at Hawthorne High. So the beginning of a new school year, she is ready to be noticed. Her days of invisibility will finally be over! ...She hopes.

Stepping into class, she is still not welcomed when the science teacher tells everyone to pair up with a partner and she ends up alone. Her luck changes when her biggest crush, who is a cute and most popular guy ever, Damen, came in late. It is a perfect chance to be with him and her gateway to popularity.

Unfortunately, Charlotte chokes on a gummy bear. And then she dies on the first day of school. Now she is more invisible than ever! Too bad, this ghost isn't giving up until she gets her moment with Damen at the Fall Ball! Will she be able to ever let go of the Life around her and accept she is dead?

The first thing that stands out is Charlotte herself. She is painfully clingy and obsessive about popularity to the point that I am frustrated with her! I was even glad that she died! Why in the world would you take hundred pictures of your crush secretly and photoshop yourself with him together?? I find her stalker-like ways creepy. And to still pin him after you are dead! Letting go is hard but to force yourself into a person's body to get close to a huge crush is just a big no. Those definitely receives a few deduction points from me possibly liking the book.

Another thing is that all the dead teens go to a "dead school" because Charlotte had no choice but to attend to hers. I could not help but find it as a "Huh?" factor because it seems a bit pointless. Why in the world should there be a school for the dead? There is a reason but I do not like how the idea of it exists in the book but it does play its part towards the end. I disliked the book until 3/4 of it when it was just okay that I did not mind reading it. I did not find the plot intriguing at all and was waiting for it to finish. The end was also another "Huh?" factor because, well, if you read it you will see.

Won copy from Brooke Taylor Books.

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Kelly said...

I totally agree. I couldn't even bring myself to finish it!

Anonymous said...

I know..It was very hard to finish..Though I liked how there were those quotes before the chapters..Pretty cool.

I still gotta figure out what happened at the end..twas abit jumbled..

I just didn't like how they were destined to's the deal with that?