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Monday, December 8, 2008

Vidia and the Fairy Crown by Haruhi Kato

Title: Vidia and the Fairy Crown
Mangaka: Haruhi Kato
Age Group: Youth
# of Volumes: 1
# of Pages: Approx. 200
My Rating: 3/5

Do you know of Peter Pan's story? If you go second star to your right and fly straight on until morning, you will find yourself an island. It is a magical island where mermaids play and fairies dance call Neverland. Children there will never grow up. Go to the heart of the island where Pixie Hollow is. You will find all of the fairies on the land there.

Queen Clarion's Arrival Day Batch is near and all the fairies are getting ready for the big celebration. Each fairy has their own task and can not wait once everything is done! Except for the mean fairy, Vidia. She thinks it is all pointless and a waste of time. She would be more than glad to ruin the party.

When the queen's crown suddenly went missing, all fingers are point to Vidia. Will Vidia be able to find the crown in time? Or else she will be permanently be banished from Pixie Hollow!

Since the book is targeted towards younger audience and not to mention it is a manga adaption of the original Disney's book, the plot more or so corny. As a high schooler, I can not help but laugh at the good "morals" they try to teach kids through the books. The artwork indeed is very cute and a recommend read for girls around ten years old.

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