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Monday, April 20, 2009

Author Interview: Gitty Daneshvari

So if anyone read my review for The Makedown last month (or maybe right now), you know that I absolutely adore this down-right hilarious novel! And today I give you an interview with the one and only, Gitty Daneshvari! I am ecstatic to know that it might become a film! Especially after I mentioned how I would love to see a live version of it in my review! My wish may come true! So would you like to learn more about the book or the author? Check Gitty out at:

What inspired you to write The Makedown?

I was sitting in a restaurant in LA when I saw Tobey Maguire, in between Spidermans, looking less than movie star fabulous. I joked to my friend that his girlfriend had “uglied” him up so now one would flirt with him. Obviously, he was far from ugly, but you get the point. And from this lunch, the idea of The Makedown was born!

How long did it take you to write the novel? And were there a lot of rewrites along the way?

It took me about two years with all the rewrites involved. I definitely did a lot of drafts with my editor as this was my first book and I had a tendency for going off track a bit!!

Is there going to be a sequel?

As of right now there isn’t a sequel in the works, although two production companies in Los Angeles are working on making it into a film. Fingers crossed!

What are your current projects?

I am currently working on the second book in my YA series SCHOOL OF FEAR which follows four kids with phobias as they are sent to an off the grid school to overcome their fears. The first book is being published by Little Brown this September 2009. Warner Bros has the film rights, so again fingers crossed that they actually make a film!

What’s your favourite comfort food? Have you ever gone all out with consumption like Anna?

I love food!! I have definitely spent a couple nights indulging in grilled cheese sandwiches while feeling low or a bit sad. My favorite place for grilled cheese sandwiches in LA is Swingers. I like to get them with avocado, extra pickles, French fries and a side of ranch dressing. I am also a huge fan of nachos or any Mexican food really.

Lastly, give us an interesting fact about yourself that not many people know of!

I once poured a bottle of water over my head while on a flight because I was overheating from anxiety about flying…it was rather embarrassing, but also very funny, well at least after I calmed down.

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The Book Resort said...

Fingers crossed on both counts.
Gr~8 interview as always.
Looking forward to reading your the book.

Diana Dang said...

Thanks! =)) You should really check it out!

Sadako said...

Good one. I'll try to check out the Makedown really soon!

Diana Dang said...

Yay! The more people I convert to as Makedown fans, the better! Muahaha!

vvb32 reads said...

i'm a cheese lover too. i want to read the book before the movie.