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Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier

Title: How to Ditch Your Fairy
Author: Justine Larbalestier
Age Group: Teens
# of Pages: 307
My Rating: 4.5/5

In this world, everyone (well a majority of the population) has their own fairy. From the good hair fairy to the bladder fairy (where you would never need to go when you are in the middle of a presentation and a washroom would always be present when needed), there are so many kinds of fairies beyond one's imagination. Each invisible fairy a person has would be their key to success in life.

Charlie is stuck with a fairy she believes that is absolutely horrible: a parking fairy. So whenever she is in a car, that car would always find the perfect parking space no matter how crowded a lot may be. But she hates her fairy. She can't even drive yet! With her stupid fairy, she is constantly being tracked down by the school bully so he could get a convenient parking space. Sick of it all, Charlie wants to get rid of her fairy, no matter what it takes!

So what to do? She decides to work with her enemy, Fiorenze (she has the all-the-boy-likes-you fairy), who's parents are fairy geniuses. When Charlie finally gets what she wants, she discovers that it is not all that great as it seems.

This novel sparked my interest ever since I saw it around the net. It seemed like something I would enjoy because the plot seemed light and adorable. And I am happy that it came out to my expectations!

New Avalon (location of this book) school's system is completely different from our own. It is very strict and quite amusing to see how something as simple as not wearing clothes properly would get you a demerit. The New Avaloners are so proud of their own city and that they do not think beyond their borders. Their society contrasts to our own world but works well with the story.

I simply adored the idea of having your own fairy. The frustration of having a parking fairy for Charlie was hilarious. She would always be on the run from Danders Anders (the bully) and would constantly rack up demerits. It was comical how she took extreme measures to get rid of her fairy. I don't know if I would even go that far to get rid of mine (well, unless it was really crappy one like, always-get-pooped-on-by-a-bird fairy)!

After reading this novel, you would be pondering about what fairy you might have. I did this for a day and came to a realization what mine was! An always-having-an-excuse-to-not-go-somewhere-when-doesn't-want-to-with-friends fairy. It's true! Every time my friends invite me a hang with them and I'm not in the mood, something always occur to stop me from possibly going. For example: getting sick, a couple of friends are suddenly busy, holidays result in no stores being opened (haha, these are all the ones that happened so far!), and etc.

If you are looking for a fun read, How to Ditch Your Fairy is for you! Do not expect a deep, provoking plot with characters of so many layers in any possible way. But it keeps you turning the pages for sure!

Oh, and those who have already read it, what is your fairy?

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