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I receive review requests weekly. However, my personal schedule is hectic and I no longer review actively. (I also manage another blog called The Toronto Cafe and Food Blog). I do read every request sent but I apologize in advance that I do not reply to them all.

If I do take on a request, I will forewarn that it may take some time before I can review it. I am now looking to review adult fiction and self-help books instead of young adult fiction because I have grown out of it. If you are to request a review for either adult fiction or self-help, I will more likely to give it a shot.

In the meantime, Stop, Drop, and Read! serves as an archive book review blog. When I have the time, I may post a review. Thank you for understanding.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

In My Mailbox - XX

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The Borrowed


The Bought


The Received

Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Jill Wolfson
The Elite by Jennifer Banash
A Crack in Forever by Jeannie Brewer (not shown)

Firstly, thank you LittleMoo (Rozelle) from Bookmooch for A Crack in Forever. My friend was ecstatic when I gave it to her. We were searching long and hard for the book (out of print) so she could give it for her boyfriend's birthday. And not to mention the great condition it was still in was a definite plus!

Also thank you Jennifer for sending me your book to review! I am eager to finish it!

This week, none of my new requests from the library came in. Therefore, no borrowed books. I have to still finish my stack from the last two weeks anyway. (Slowly diminishing... Slowly but surely. Until I get this week's books cause I know I will, ack!)

Thank you Diane from The Book Resort for the Super Comments Award! You give me more awards than I can count!

Lastly, head over to Hey, Teenager Of The Year to check out my interview with Steph!

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Ravenous Reader said...

Great week...
I keep seeing Warm Hands Cold Heart and I think it is growing on me. I have yet to read any of the Elite series. I have to look into it.

have a good week and happy reading

Diana Dang said...

Haha, I'm sure most of the bloggers are in InGroup that's why.

So far The Elite is pretty good but I have yet to reach the 100 page mark.

Thanks and you too!

wdebo said...

The Elite looks really good, I'm jealous

Wdebo :)

Diana Dang said...

You should check it out =)

prophecygirl said...

Nice week - I really want to read The Elite!

The Book Resort said...

You need to get reading... before your tbr pile starts growing. lol.

The Book Resort said...

Oh, you are so welcome.

Diana Dang said...

@prophecy: It is ^^

@Diane: I'm doing it, I'm doing it x)

Liviania said...

I know I'm not going to get a super commenter award!

I hope you enjoy your books!

Diana Dang said...

Haha, if I'm not so lazy, you would totally get the Super Comments Award! =D You have been with Stop, Drop,and Read! for so long. >w<


Lenore said...

You are a great commenter - congrats!

susan said...

Getting a book you've been searching for equals a great week. Happy reading.

Diana Dang said...

@Lenore: Thanks >3<

@Susan: You too!

Rebecca said...

Nice pile you got. Enjoy.

Diana Dang said...

Thanks Rebecca!