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Monday, April 13, 2009

V.B. Rose by Banri Hidaka

Title: V.B. Rose
Banri Hidaka
Age Group:
# of Pages:
Approx. 200
# of Volumes: 6
My Rating:

Talented purse maker, Ageha, adores her older sister. In fact, she has a huge sister complex. When she finds out that Hibari is getting married, she is absolutely shocked! How could her beloved sibling go off and get engaged without her knowing?!?

Reluctantly, she agrees to go with Hibari for her wedding dress fitting. It is going to be custom-made at the bridal design shop, Velvet Blue Rose, in the hands of two skilled and handsome young men. During their visit there, Ageha blows up. She can not bare to know that her sister will go away with some boring man and leave her like this. She immediately gets kicked out of the store by the owner for her impudent behaviour. Finally realizing that this is Hibari's happiness, she must not ruin it for her. So she decides to help out by aiding in the completion of the wedding dress. Can Ageha put asides her own feelings for the sake of her sister's?

It sounded and looked cute but the story was very dull. I read this manga once before in the bookstore and I remembered skimming a lot through it. Now that I re-read it carefully, it didn't get any better. I loved the wedding dresses idea, but that was about it. Everything just rolled by without actually peaking my interest. Even the ending climax was not so exciting. In fact, I was quite annoyed at Ageha. Her obsession with her sister frustrated me. She was whiny and would throw fits because she did not approve of her sister's marriage. I could not stand characters like her that caused tantrum.

The art itself was clean and cute but the two designers, Yukari and Mitsuya, did not look like they were over 20 years old. In fact, they looked younger. I mean, there are plenty of mangas out there where the characters appear older than their age but to have them look younger? This part bothered me a bit.

Overall, V.B. Rose something you should not invest in. My younger sister really liked it so this manga would be more suitable for a younger girl. If you want, maybe read it to pass time. I am not keen on picking up the second volume but will if the library purchases it.

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The Book Resort said...

Oohh, a purse maker. Fun. Stinks that the story was zzz...

Thanks for telling it like it is = }.

Diana Dang said...

Yea, her purses are very pretty. I wish I have artistic skills sometimes, haha.

lys said...

I know everyone has their own opinions and the point of a review is to say what you yourself think of something, so I'm not going to try to change your mind about the series. Still, I really love the series (it's my second favourite after I Hate You More Than Anyone by the same author) so I thought it was a little unfair to say the book would only be enjoyed by younger readers (I'm 23).

Maybe the story would be more interesting for you in later volumes? I liked it from the start, but things don't really get going until the wedding is over. I think Ageha becomes a lot more likable and less whiny in later volumes too.

The purses and dresses are definitely great, though! I love manga with a sense of fashion :D

Diana Dang said...

Yes, different mangas appeal to different people. =) I don't like it at the moment, but I will for sure borrow the continuing volumes when my library purchases them.

I agree! Manga with fashion included are so enjoyable to look at!

Thanks for dropping by! =)

Anonymous said...

It may seem like a snooze but It appeals to a very different group of people. It is very bright and funny. The drawing is excellent and the characters are people that have personalities that will hook you. The summary actually seems to pale the comparison of the actual book. The author has immersed the plot with comedy, drama, determination, and something else more that is indescribable to words. It has immersed that select group in shear delight of the main character Ageha's lively antics.
It is actually a splendid read and I do recommend buying the volumes.