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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hollywood Car Wash by Lori Culwell

Title: Hollywood Car Wash
Author: Lori Culwell
Age Group: Adult
# of Pages: 307
My Rating: 5/5

Amy Spencer is your ordinary drama student in college with hopes of becoming an actress in indie films. She is woken up one morning by her roommate and also friend to find out that she is signed up for some audition. Reluctantly, fresh-out-of-bed Amy finally agrees to go and get it over with after being pestered. She has no idea what the audition is for but does what she is told as she acted out one of the scenes with great skill.

Shortly after, Amy is given quite the surprising news. The audition she did was apparently for a drama that will soon be aired on TV. And she scored the leading role! Before she could say "Hollywood", she is already in L.A. and starting to live the dream life of many young girls. From being a poor college student, Amy (or now referred as Star) is receiving free apparel from places like Gucci and Fendi and a paycheck that can support her throughout her whole lifetime. But is all of this fame and money worth it as her identity is being stripped away?

When I got my review copy of Hollywood Car Wash, I was actually a little disappointed. I was crossing my fingers in hopes of getting Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates by Philip Caveney instead. I have never heard of Lori Culwell so I was like, "Hm, what should I expect?". So far, I have not seen this novel anywhere in the book blogverse so without the reviews to base my opinion on, I came in reading it with nothing to limit me except for my own experiences. My first impression was I'm not going to like it so much. Maybe because I kept thinking the protagonist will try to reject the idea of Hollywood (which Amy did in the beginning) and try to quit because everything is so fake (which she think it is because it is). You know, the whole be-yourself-no-matter-what concept. I always found those morals to be a little cheesy by all means. Except, Lori Culwell made me change my mind by a long shot.

Before I opened up the book, I asked myself, "What kind of title is Hollywood Car Wash? It seems so random." But after the glamorous adventure I was sucked into, I realized that it could not be more of a perfect title. I've never given a second thought for the titles when it came to books but this one made me questioned and realized. The fact that I was thinking and still thinking of the title itself makes quite an impression.

Amy Spencer is real. She may not like the idea of changing herself for society but she quickly embraces the glory of being pampered like a princess. Cause really, who would not love the fact of getting such an exceedingly large amount of money at such a young age? Not to mention if you say you want something, it would pop up the next day. Amy may be transforming who she is on the outside, but on the inside she is still the same with her personal humour and loneliness. I found her actions to be intelligent and she knew what she was doing. Getting into the entertainment world is hard from the very beginning and it will not get any easier, but the things to learn are beyond your imagination. I felt connected to Amy and supported her throughout every decision she made even if many would scorn upon it. She is amazing and unfortunately had to go through the things she went through. But if she did not, she would not have been a stronger character than she already was toward the end. I do not know if reality is like how Hollywood Car Wash portrays it but Culwell made it remarkably believable.

I am praising Hollywood Car Wash now and I know I will continue doing so. I am disappointed to know that not many other YA book bloggers know of this novel (well, the ones I watch anyway) but is thrilled to be the first (in my mind) to have written this review. If you follow the entertainment world closely, I think you will be most pleased with this novel because of the many recent references of movie stars and shows. From the first page you would be definitely be dragged into Amy's crazy world and loving every single moment of it! The more you read it, the more addicting it gets! I am definitely eager for Lori Culwell's future novels!

Review copy provided by Book Divas.
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Khy said...

Oh, this sounds good. -adds to wishlist-

Great review, too!

Diana Dang said...

If you stick around, you might not even have to wait around to buy it from your never-ending wishlish! ;D

And thank you! o3o

ilonga said...

sounds good!
any romance in the story?

Diana Dang said...

Not a lot unfortunately because it mainly focuses on Amy and her life as a celeb. =)

Shoshna said...

I just got it from the library last night and stayed up to finish it. I loved it! =3

wdebo said...

Whoo it sounds funny and cute!

Haha I was thinking that too 'What kind of title is Hollywood Car Wash' when I saw ur contest :D

Wdebo :)

gaby317 said...

I hadn't heard about this book before - am very glad to have come across your contest and review through book divas.

this was review has made me want to read it!



addicted reader said...

Great review!

This sounds really good!

Ashley said...

This sounds cute! And the cover is adorable.

Paradox said...

It is a unique title! Thanks for introducing me to this book!

Dominique said...

sounds good! and what a neat title! :D

Bunny B said...

Wow! Sounds good! Your review has got me wanting to read this :)