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Sunday, May 24, 2009

In My Mailbox - XXV

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The Borrowed


The Bought

Kurohime vol. 6, 10 by Katakura Masanori
Red Angel vol. 2 by Makoto Tateno
The Art of Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play by Yuu Watase

Original Cloud Headshot ($5!!!!)
Kakashi Print ($6)
Artist's Original Character Mini Print ($0.25!!!)
Naked Neji Bookmark ($0.50!!!)
Kuroshitsuji Poster ($12)

Original Sheep Version of Me! ($1!!!!) Large T-Shirt and Mouse Pad (FREE!)

Different Business Cards by Different Artists (FREE, duh!)

The Received

20 Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler
Yokai Doctor vol. 1 by Yuki Sato

Hell yes I went to Anime North yesterday! I know I usually do In My Mailbox only for only books and maybe DVDs that need to be reviewed but honestly, how can I resist not showing off my stash?

All four books in the first picture were ONLY $5 each! I was flipping with joy! Actually, there were hundreds of different manga series for only $5 each volume but I no longer waste my money on old (and likely bad) mangas like I used to just to increase my collection. My original goal was to get all of Kurohime that is out in North America so far except for the eighth volume, which I already have. I calculated and planned to strike a bargain with a dealer of $50 for 10 volumes. After I managed to luckily find the sixth and tenth volume in a $5 each deal, I decided I will try to find similar deals like that next year. Believe me, I was running around the centre trying to find other $5 Kurohime volumes for a couple of hours. Sadly the rest were only at US cover price (I like to find a deal on top of the US cover price or better). Now that I think of it, there was another dealer where I could've gotten another three volumes of Kurohime for good price but I didn't have a calculator with me to check (Yes, can you believe how frikkin cheap I am?). I will seriously worship anyone who gets me the rest of Kurohime, that series it made for me. That and Ouran High School Host Club are the only two series I am truly following. Gawd, I hope my future boyfriend can handle my manga obsession.

I honestly brought with me well of $300 and yet I still manage to spend under $100 at an anime convention (and that includes the $40 entrance fee!)! My cousin kept telling me to buy more things but I refused. I was even reluctant to buy the Kakashi print and Kuroshitsuji poster! I kept telling her to stop pressuring me but now I wished she continued to egg me on... (I'm sorry Vian! Please continue to bother me if we go next year together to buy more things if I continue to be cheap!) There were so many GORGEOUS prints and posters but I was freaking out that my mom would kill me. (Surprisingly, she didn't. Then again I avoided telling her what I bought). Oh, but don't you just love the chibi version of me in a sheep suit? It's so cute! I forgot I had it so I didn't combine to the second image until I already had the poster and prints up in my room.

Whenever I go to conventions, I would collect the business cards of artists who were selling there. Their cards are simply so pretty and who knows, I might commission them one day! There was also this online dating site for anime fans. The people who were trying to jump start it were handing out free t-shirts if you signed up. I'm addicted to free things so I couldn't resist. The next thing I knew I was signed up on an online dating site... Ah well, we'll see how that goes haha.

But I know I will definitely go back to Anime North next year. I had withdrawal symptoms when I skipped out last year and it was like a drug because I kept feeling so bad about it... (It lasted for a week or so).

And what I truly got in my mailbox this week was pretty satisfying. I will have the review up for Yokai Doctor on Wednesday or so because I have another manga review scheduled for tomorrow (if I manage to finish writing it on time that is). Hopefully I will get to 20 Boy Summer soon but I have quite a bit I need to still get through. And oh joy, I just found out I need to return Little Brother by Cory Doctorow next Saturday which I still haven't started. Ack!

Anyway, sorry for the long post today. I never write about personal things on individual posts so I tend to tack everything in In My Mailbox. Peace out!

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Liyana said...

Cute haul! I loved the sheep version. xD

Diana Dang said...

Haha thank you!

Ravenous Reader said...

Ohhh oh you had a good week. I loved the Poster that you bought. Just gorgeous. What do you plan on doing with it? Do you keep them in a safe place or post them on your walls?

Diana Dang said...

Thank you! =D I wanted a larger version but the artist is only selling it today for $35. I am already cheap enough so there was no way I could splurge like that. (I'm not going to the con today anyway so I wouldn't be able to)

I posted it on my wall above my manga collection last night. x) I haven't read nor watched the anime yet tho, haha. Hopefully I will do that soon but I doubt I will have the time.

Carrie said...

Love the poster!!

Diana Dang said...

I do too! =D When I saw it from afar (the larger version), I was all, "I want that."

Rebecca said...

Awesome books and other bits and pieces you got this week, they look really good. Enjoy.

Diana Dang said...

Thank you! ^^

Thao said...

What a great week. I love the sheep, it's simply cute!

Diana Dang said...

Thanks! x3

Liviania said...

Eek, my comment didn't post!

Anyway, I'm jealous of your Kuroshitsuji poster since I love Kuroshitsuji. But I'll be at A-kon this weekend so I'll pick up some stuff for myself.

And sheep you is so cute!

Diana Dang said...

I have never watched nor read Kuroshitsuji yet. @@ Have to get around it sometimes! ><

And thank you! <3